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Kings Youth Baseball: 2018 Umpire Info


  1 25-Aug 1 30 PM Testerman Field E 10U 10U Loveland A's  18F10U Fite Black Ryan Hoeting **^TC  
  2 25-Aug 1 30 PM Testerman Field F 12U 12U Loveland Giants  18F12U Circello-Black Cody Magella +cC  
  3 25-Aug 3 45 PM Testerman Field E 10U Loveland Cubs  18F10U Bennett Orange David Gelman *^TC  
  4 25-Aug 3 45 PM Testerman Field F 12U 12U Loveland Reds  18F12U Wheeler Red Cody Magella +cC  
  5 15-Sep 11 15 AM Testerman Field E 8U Warriors Maroon 18F8U Flynn Green Ryan Hoeting **^TC  
  6 15-Sep 1 30 PM Testerman Field E 8U Warriors Black 18F8U Kleinow Red Koen Scheid *^TC  
  7 15-Sep 3 45 PM Testerman Field E 10U 10U Wilmer Navy 18F10U Bennett Orange HUNTER JONES ^TC  
  8 15-Sep 3 45 PM Testerman Field F 12U 18F12U Wheeler Red 18F12U Circello-Black Drayden Johnson ***^TC  
  9 22-Sep 1 30 PM Testerman Field E 8U 18F8U Flynn Green 18F8U Kleinow Red Ryan Hoeting **^TC  
  10 22-Sep 3 45 PM Testerman Field E 10U 18F10U Fite Black 18F10U Bennett Orange David Gelman *^TC  
  11 29-Sep 1 30 PM Testerman Field E 8U 18F8U Flynn Green 18F8U Massie Blue HUNTER JONES ^TC  
  12 6-Oct 11 15 AM Testerman Field E 10U 10U Parsons Green 18F10U Bennett Orange Koen Scheid *^TC  
  13 6-Oct 11 15 AM Testerman Field F 12U 12U Loveland Giants  18F12U Wheeler Red Dwight Scheid  

Mark Magella

Kings Youth Baseball

Umpire Coordinator



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Please note that currently individual KNOTHOLE (shown in Black) game assignment notices are also being emailed from the website to the assigned UMPIRE'S EMAIL only - please continue to ACCEPT/DECLINE these in addition to sending a confirmation reply.


Please complete required concussion training. Click here For additional information




Click here for KINGS T-BALL RULES 



1.  You will receive the list of available games around the middle of the week for the games scheduled the following week.  Print the list, mark the games you are available to do, and bring the list to the umpire scheduling meeting.  The games are highlighted for umpire classifications:


  Light BLUE - Under 18 experienced umpires

  YELLOW - First year Umpires

Towards the end of the season first year umpires should be ready for the light blue games.

2.  Saturday 8 AM meet at Landen Park for announcements or talk about rules.  Umpires receive pay for last week's games.  Scheduling for the upcoming week.

3.  Umpires draw from a deck of cards that are sequentially numbered.  The #1 card gets first choice to pick a game, the #2 card goes next and so on.  It can be a hectic 40 minutes, so the better prepared you are the better.  It helps to bring the schedule I send out.  We manage to get things wrapped up by 8:45, since some of the umps are umpping at 9:00. 

4.  If you are umpping plate, you will need to pick up the umpire gear which is in the Umpire Shack, by the football shed.  The gate combination is 1659.  THE SHACK DOOR IS NOW 5810. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE UMPIRE GEAR AND REMEMBER TO RETURN IT TO THE UMP SHACK.

5.  The Umpire assignments will be sent out in an email by the end of the weekend.  Please reply back to confirm your assignments. FAILURE TO CONFIRM MAY RESULT IN YOUR GAME BEING REASSIGNED.


******************* KEY RULES ***********************


Coaches will be responsible to contact you if the game is canceled.

Class D Senior (9U) – Recreational League

Rule 2.  Base runners can lead off, but cannot advance (steal) until the pitched ball crosses home plate.  The base runner’s lead can be no more than six (6) feet off the base or the runner is out; umpires judgment (suggest marking this with a chalk line at first base).  The base runner, after getting their lead, must remain stationary until the pitched ball crosses home plate; if the base runner moves toward the next base before the pitched ball crosses home plate, the base runner shall be called out.  If the base runner attempts a walking/running lead/steal, the base runner shall be called out.  The base runner may steal only one base at a time; after the steal, the play is over and the ball is returned to the pitcher.  The base runner MAY NOT steam home.

The question is, can a runner from third base advance home on a passed ball missed by the catcher? The rule book says that a runner  can only advance home on an over throw, not a pitched ball. So only if the catcher tries to make a play on runner, the runner can advance. 

At 9U Rec, there is no stealing of home on a passed ball/wild pitch.



For WCLL Little League field closure information go to the Warren County Little League web page. The information will be posted on the top left-hand corner of the page.

A) Major rule differences for little league:

  • 8U, 10U and 12U: Bats with USABat Standard Stamp. Bat sizes for Little League are 2-1/4" to 2-5/8", CANNOT use the 2-3/4" big barrel bat.
  • 10U and 12U: Little League Run Rule is 10 runs after 4 complete innings, 3 ½ if home team is ahead.
  • 10U and 12U: No NEW inning can start after an hour and 45 minutes (1:45) of play. If the final out happens at the hour and 45 minute time the next inning can start. HOME team has the official clock
  • 8U time limit: No NEW inning starts after 90 minutes of play.

   1) Stealing only on the catcher - A runner is not allowed to lead off, but they can attempt to steal a base only after the pitch reaches the batter. The runners are not out if they leave early, they must go back to

the previous base if the ball is not put into play by the batter.  If one runner leaves early, all runners may be affected (Rule 7.13).

   2) No dropped third strike rule for 8U and 10U only.

   3) The play is live (runners can advance) until the pitcher steps on the rubber. All runners must return to their respective bases once the pitcher has the ball and is on the rubber.

B)  8U maximum runs per inning is 7. 10U and 12U maximum runs per innings is 5 runs except for the 6th inning which is unlimited for both teams (essentially allows a team down by 6 or more a chance to come back).

C)  Pitchers who pitch more than 40 pitches in a game CANNOT become a catcher in the same game.

D)  Catchers who catch more 4 innings, are NOT eligible to pitch in the same game. If they catch ONE pitch in the 4th inning, that is considered 4 innings.

E)  Batter who draws a walk may continue advancing to second base as long as it is a continuous action. They cannot stop at first and then try to advance.

F)  If time has not been granted by the umpire (not just called by player or coach) play should be allowed to continue until both the pitcher toe the rubber and the catcher is in the catcher's box.



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2017 Official Baseball Rules (web link for reference only) 


Mark Magella
Kings Youth Baseball
Umpire Coordinator


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